Math 111: Introduction to the Calculus (fall 2017)

Instructor: Nathan Pflueger

This course concerns the two central idea of calculus: the derivative and the integral.

Office hours


Problem sets will be posted here. All problem sets will be submitted online via Gradescope. If I say that a problem set is on the "Wednesday night," this means that the hard deadline is 2am on the following Thursday morning.

All problem numbers are from Stewart, 7th edition. Problems marked "self-check" are not to be handed in. I've included them as suggestions for additional practice; usually they are odd-numbered and you can check your answer in the back of the book. I will sometimes put self-check problems on exams, so that some problems will already be familiar.


Exams and solutions will be posted here after they are given.

Handouts and other items

Partial lecture notes

I will upload typed lecture notes below for many (but not all) of our classes. These notes are slightly edited versions of a complete set of lecture notes from an earlier course I taught (which you can find here if you want to see later topics as well). Note that the notes below usual include several more examples than I have time to do in class; these may serve as useful review material.